Integrated Personal Identification System to create single identity document for all Kenyans


Integrated Personal Identification System to create single identity document for all Kenyans through biometrics

Integrated Personal Identification System is being introduced in Kenya to enable Kenyans to have only two documents, a national identity card and passport.

Biometric data like ear patterns, eye colour, voice patterns, plot number and house number are some of the information needed to apply for this new Integrated Personal Identification System.

“Each one of us carry so many identification documents, you will have a new generation IDs, you have a new generation driving license, you have a pin, you have a birth certificate, you have an NHIF card, soon enough you will need a bag to carry your cards, each one of us will need a bag to carry our cards, you are so many people in one as it were, we are beginning a new project, we are calling it integrated personal identification system, we want to collapse our identification systems so that every Kenyan carries two identification documents that is how the civilised world works, your ID is supposed to be your driving license and everything else and your passport when you are traveling out of the country.”  said Interior Secretary, Dr. Fred Matiang’i.

Exclusive personal identifiers or features such as fingerprints, hand and earlobe geometry, retina and iris patterns, voice waves and Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) will be kept in digital form (biometric) and physical form during the application of the Integrated Personal Identification System.

 The Integrated Personal Identification System will become the central point for personal information of all Kenyan citizens and registered resident foreigners, replacing principal registrars of persons and their deputies.

This will be made possible by creating, managing, maintaining and operating a national population register where each person will be assigned a unique national identification number. Information from other databases in government agencies relating to registration of persons will be synchronised, incorporated and organised into the register.


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