Uhuru Raila Meeting at Harambee House to set their differences aside and unite Kenyans

Uhuru Raila Meeting at Harambee House

Uhuru Raila Meeting at Harambee House office of the President has come as a huge surprise to a lot of Kenyans.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga met at Harambee House office of the President before addressing the press, telling Kenyans they had set their differences aside and will work to unite Kenyans.

Raila, said ethnic division came to an end today and that he and his ‘brother’ will bridge the existing gap.

“We need to save our children from ourselves. My brother and I have come together to say ‘this dissent stops here’. We refuse to allow our diversity to kill the nation.” he said.

Kenya has faced tough times since the disputed August 8, 2018 presidential election, whose outcome Raila challenged and labelled Uhuru an illegitimate President, Uhuru Raila Meeting is the much needed cure for Kenya.

Raila went on to say “We refuse to allow our diversity to kill our nation. We have travelled so far … we cannot make it to our destination without bridging the gap,”

“We have to come together and solve the animosity that we have been pouring into the boat before we all sink. We shall not fail. If we stand firm we shall not fail.”

In his address, Raila spoke about self-reflection, which he said was one of the factors that motivated his and Uhuru’s decision.

“We have been pouring new wine into old wine skins. We need leaders to secure the goals of peace, unity and justice. Such a time has come for Kenya,” he said.

The President in his address, assured Kenyans of a new political beginning following his meeting with Raila – he noted they had an opportunity to extensively discuss matters affecting Kenya.

“All we want is a common understanding that Kenya is greater than any one individual. Leaders must come together to discuss their differences and what ails the country … like ethnic divisions.”

Uhuru Raila Meeting will be key to ending the political indifference that has triggered inter-communal clashes in counties such as Wajir, West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet, the President said.

“We have a responsibility to discuss and find solutions that will bind, unify and give a lifecycle beyond the five years we have given ourselves. Elections come and go but Kenya will remain,” he said.

“Our future cannot be dictated by an election but by stability and the well-being of the people. An election is only a process in which the will of the people is heard. We now mark a new beginning as we march together to bring our people together. We look forward to the support of every leader and every Kenyan.”

The President added, their move [the Uhuru Raila Meeting] will ensure no one feels left out.


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